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The Seeds: Growing Ideas into Impact

Jul 16, 2019

Cool Crop is a start-up in India with a mission to improve small and marginal farmer livelihoods and reduce food waste.

In India, there are 240 million farmers, and 3 out of every 4 of them are classified as small and marginal farmers who plant an area roughly the size of a soccer field. The harvested produce waste of these farms can be up to 60% due to lack of proper preservation facilities.

Cool Crop's on-farm cold storage technology can reduce crop wastage from 20% to less than 5%, extend produce life up to 6 times, and allow farmers to sell their produce later when the prices can go up to 10 times higher.

After meeting Niraj Marathe in Bangalore, I had the great opportunity to then record an interview with his co-founder Kendall Nowocin back in Boston!